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Guide Services

Without question, no matter your experience level, booking a guide during your visit to the Yellowstone region is your best decision. It will save you money, time and aggravation. There's nothing worse than going on a fly fishing trip or vacation and being stressed out the whole time. This is especially true if it's your first visit to the Yellowstone region. Browse our Fly Fishing directories and see what a daunting task it is to decide even where to go.

First off, prepare a list of your favorite type of fly fishing. Will you be by yourself, with family/pet? Are you booking multiple days? Do you care about a relaxing trip, perhaps sight-seeing or are you the type that fishes for 8 hours a day. The more information you give the fly shop, the better your experience. Communication in advance is the key. You're not reserving a flight here. If you call a fly shop to book a guide and give general dates without much interaction on the phone with the shop guy, I advise calling another shop unless you have disposable income.

Fly Fishing guides is a peculiar occupation. During peak season, there are hundreds of them, all doing the same thing. Providing their client with the best fly fishing experience on that particular day and then do the same thing the very next day and so on. Catching much fish, for a particular water, is no guarantee considering the day-in-day-out pressure. Some of the best guides I know actually fish on their off days. Many do not. They require a mental time off. When 8 hrs. of human interaction is required every single summer day, then personality is, in my opinion, the number one trait you can have as a guide. Most guides are well educated. It is advisable to check your attitude at the start of the day.

Most guides are versatile on the waters they work but many are also specialist in the type of fishing they prefer. All know how to float bobbers and say "strike" but is that what you want to spend half a grand on? If so, hopefully, it comes with a few jokes. If your preference is dry fly fishing, now your choices have been narrowed down. The more specific fishing you prefer, the more you should do your research in advance and be selective with the shop and guide you choose. Be cautious when you call the fly shop and who you talk to if you know what I mean.

One last comment on gathering knowledge from a local fly shop. I find the best approach is, if you got nothing of fishing value, then mingle around a bit. Work your way into the conversation. Listen to the shop guys while they yak away with other customers. My point is, there's always some staff more knowledgeable than others. The friendliest might not be the most informed. Remember a lot of the shop guys/gals are getting their information from customers like you that just fished certain waters, qualified or not.

Here's a non biased list of Fly Shops with a guide service that I can recommend.

Big Sky Anglers - Big Sky Anglers is a recently formed group of experienced Outfitters/Guides that purchased the long established Bud Lilly's Trout Shop in West Yellowstone, Montana. The owners are Outfitters that have, through years of bonding, selectively chosen the best guides in the region.

Trouthunter - Located on the banks of dry fly nirvana, the Henry's Fork, Trouthunter always has guides that go the extra distance especially in teaching you, if necessary, to advance your fly fishing experience. Rene's flies are the finest in the country.

Madison River Outfitters - A long established Fly Shop with a solid reputation of repeat clients and versatile guides located in West Yellowstone, Montana

Slide Inn - Owned and operated by Kelly Galloup. This ever expanding shop sits on the bank of the Madison River. Kelly is a no nonsense personality. He's especially knowlegeable in fly fishing streamers.

Blue Ribbon Flies - Owned and operated for years by Craig and Jackie Mathews, this fly shop has the best assortment of fly tying materials. The Mathews recently sold their shop to their long standing and all around nice guy, Cam Coffin. The shop always has high marks for it's friendly staff.

Arricks Fly Shop - Owned by Arrick Swanson, this fly shop has a great selection of tying materials along with everything you need for the many hatches in Yellowstone country.

Madison River Fishing Company - Who hasn't recieved the MRFC catalog? For many years even before the internet, this shop produced the best fly fishing catalog (well along with Mercer's The Fly Shop). Located in Ennis, MT, MRFC is always in tune with the latest hatches on the Madison and Southwest Montana waters.

Rivers Edge- As far as fly shops go, Rivers Edge has it all when it comes to merchandise. I don't know anything about their service and to be honest I have no clue on the quality of their guides but if it's anything like their fly shop, then their guides should be first rate. With Simms next door, they must have the latest in Simms gear. I dunno

Yellowstone Angler - George Anderson's primo fly shop next to the Yellowstone river in Livingston, Montana. This shop has been around for many a decade and their guides are knowledgable from the largest of western rivers like the Yellowstone to the finest blue ribbon spring creeks.




Fly Fishing - Big Sky

Big Sky, MT  is 45 miles from the West Entrance and 15 minutes from the Northwest Quadrant along the Gallatin River. Even though the Gallatin River flows along Hwy 191 with easy access, the fly-fishing is excellent with very few crowds.  The Gallatin has a variety of runs from gravel bar riffles to deep boulder strewn pools. The scenery is a blend of open meadow park land to colorful canyon cliffs. Throughout the Gallatin River you can catch Brooks, Browns, Cutthroats, Rainbows, Grayling and Whitefish. 

Lone Mountain Ranch
750 Lone Mountain Ranch Rd.
Big Sky, MT 50716
406 995-4644
Grizzly Outfitters on The River
47855 Gallatin Rd.
Big Sky , MT 59716
(406) 551-4097
East Slope Anglers
P.O. Box 160249
Big Sky, MT

Gallatin Riverguides
P.O. Box 160212
Big Sky, MT

320 Guest Ranch...
205 Buffalo Horn Creek
Gallatin Gateway, MT

Wild Trout Outfitters
Gallatin Gateway
Big Sky, MT
(406) 995-2975



Fly Fishing - Cody

Just west of Cody are the north and south forks of the Shoshone River. The Clark's Fork of the Yellowstone River is northwest of Cody in the Sunlight Basin. For those anglers that prefer stillwater angling, close by you can fish Buffalo Bill Reservoir, Newton Lakes and Sunshine Reservoir.  Be sure to check with the local outfitters for hatches and best times.

Cabin Creek & East Slope Outfitters
21 Remington Road
Cody WY 82414
Cody Country Outfitters
& Guides

PO Box 1511
Cody, WY 82414
Crescent B Outfitters
PO Box 2258
Cody, WY 82414
Double Diamond X Ranch
3453 Southfork Road
Cody WY 82414
Gary Fales Outfitting & Rimrock Ranch
2768 North Fork Hwy
Cody WY 82414
Hot Springs Outfitting
PO Box 225
Thermopolis, WY 82443
Ishawooa Outfitters
PO Box 66
Cody, WY 82414
Ron Dube's Wilderness Adventures
PO Box 167
Cody WY 82414
Wood River Lodge/Double Diamond Outfitters
1261 Wood River Road
Meeteetse, WY 82433
Wyoming Outfitters & Guides Association
PO Box 2284
Cody, WY 82414
1438 Sheridan Avenue
Cody, Wyoming. 82414



Fly Fishing - Cooke City

Located at the Northeast Entrance to Yellowstone National Park, you'll find the small but peaceful community of Cooke City.  Here you can easily venture to the famous waters of Slough Creek and the Lamar river  which meanders through the spectacular Lamar ValleySlough and Lamar are so popular that all fly fishing outfitters in the gateway communities offer guided trips to these famous waters.

Beartooth Outfitters
Cooke City, Mt
Greater Yellowstone Outfitters
211 West Main
Cooke City, Mt.



Fly Fishing & Outfitters - Gardiner

The Gardner River located near the town of Gardiner, Montana offers a variety of hatches to the visiting angler. In particular, the salmonfly hatch in June/July. The Yellowstone river allows easy access downstream from Gardiner.

Parks' Fly Shop
PO Box 196
202 2nd Street So.
Gardiner, MT 59030
PO Box 399
Gardiner, MT 59030
80 Mol Heron Road, Gardiner
172 Jardine Road,
Gardiner, MT 59030
PO Box 970
Gardiner, MT 59030



Fly Fishing - Jackson Hole

The Jackson Hole area is another world class fly fishing destination.  If your based out of Jackson, located near the Southwest Entrance to Yellowstone National Park, you plan your angling trips locally to the Green River, Snake River, Hoback, New Fork or Duck Creek.  Anglers wishing to try some stillwater angling can venture into the park and fly fish Lewis or Yellowstone Lake.  Check with the local outfitters on guided trips into the park.



All American Outfitters
/Action Angler

PO Box 7514
515 E. Hansen Avenue
Jackson, WY 83001
Bridger Wilderness 

PO Box 561
DC Bar Guest Ranch
Pinedale, WY
Coy's Wilderness
Fishing Trips

PO Box 3356
Horse Creek Station
Jackson, WY 83001
Fort Jackson Scenic
Snake River Float Trips

PO Box 1176
Jackson, WY 83001
GTLC - GTLC Fishing Guides
PO Box 250
Grand Teton National Park
Moran, WY 83013
Green River Outfitters
PO Box 727
Pinedale, WY 82941
High Country Anglers
PO Box 9552
26 Kelly Lane
Jackson, WY 83001
Jack Dennis Sports
PO Box 3369
50 E. Broadway
Jackson, WY 83001
John Henry Lee Outfitters, Inc. 
PO Box 8368
7600 Roberta Dr.
Jackson, WY 83002
Mangis Guide Service
PO Box 3165
Jackson, WY 83001
Orvis Jackson Hole
PO Box 9029
485 W. Broadway
Jackson, WY 83002
Signal Mountain 
Fishing Guides

PO Box 50
Moran, WY 83013
Upstream Anglers &
Outdoor Adventures

PO Box 30106
Jackson, WY 83001
Two Ocean Pass Outfitting
PO Box 182
Buffalo Valley
Moran, WY 83013
Westbank Anglers
PO Box 523
3670 N. Moose - Wilson Rd.
Teton Village, WY 83025



Fly Fishing - West Yellowstone

West Yellowstone is located at the West Entrance to Yellowstone National Park and, like all the gateway communities, is considered one of the premiere fly fishing destinations in the country. Within 50 miles of West Yellowstone are the world famous waters of the Yellowstone River, Firehole River, Madison River, Hebgen Lake, Henrys Fork, Henrys Lake, Gallatin River and Yellowstone Lake. It's easy to see why many fly fisherman from all over the world set up base, from West Yellowstone, for their daily fishing trips.

Arrick's Fishing Flies
37 Canyon St.
West Yellowstone, MT
406 646- 7290
Blue Ribbon Flies
315 Canyon St.
West Yellowstone, MT.
406 646-7642
Big Sky Anglers
39 Madison Ave
West Yellowstone, Montana 59758
406 646-7801
Eagle's Tackle Shop
9 Canyon St.
West Yellowstone, MT.

406 646-9300
Jacklin's Fly Shop
105 Yellowstone Ave.
West Yellowstone, MT.

406 646-7336
Madison River Outfitters
117 Canyon St.
West Yellowstone, MT,
406 646- 9644
Glenn Bell Fly Fishing
116 N. Geyser St.
West Yellowstone, MT
406 646-1010
Riverside Anglers
PO Box 474
West Yellowstone, MT   59758
406 640-1698



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